Friday, May 3, 2013

Fiesta Friday Fun In San Antonio

Fiesta San Antonio Hat Party 2013
Fiesta San Antonio 2013 has come and gone but what a great time! The weather was cooler (still considered hot to most people) with even some rain showers. Some might say it was a nice change from the hot sun beating down on you constantly while you go from event to event.

Friday April 26, 2013 was a jam packed day of Fiesta activities.  The fun and colorful Hat Party in Olmos Park was the place to start it all off.  Guests mingled while sipping mimosas or poinsettias as exuberant dance music pulsed through the morning air.  

 At noon the party wrapped up and it was time to move downtown to enjoy the Battle of Flowers Parade. Vibrant fiesta royalty, bands, military groups and other organizations all made their way down the parade route surrounded by crowds of Fiesta goers of all ages.  A cool spring shower passed through and cooled everyone down!

NIOSA (Night In Old San Antonio) 2013
After a break in the action it was time to head over to NIOSA (Night In Old San Antonio).  This was the last night and it was packed and I mean PACKED with people!  Some areas were too backed up to even walk through, but when an open space was found and with an international snack and cold beer in hand, the experience was enjoyable. 

This is always one of the most fun filled days of the year, a blur of bright colors, music, friends, laughter and of course cascarones! Until next year, Viva Fiesta!

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