Friday, July 26, 2013

Pub Run San Antonio

Pub Runners going inside Pat O'Brien's
What started as a small group of friends with a creative and fun way to arrange a pub crawl, has turned into a huge monthly event attracting hundreds of people into the city center of San Antonio.   

Pub Run San Antonio or Pat O’Brien’s Pub Run draws crowds of young and old donning their jogging clothes with a thirst for cocktails and beer after a hard week at work.  “First Friday”, the first Friday of every month, is a big draw for downtown San Antonio anyway so the Pub Run makes it even more popular.   

What better way to bar hop than doing it wearing comfy jogging clothes and running shoes?  Add in some fun themes like Fiesta, St. Patrick’s Day, Halloween, etc. and you have yourself a guaranteed blast out on the town and a unique way to experience a ton of the bars in downtown San Antonio. 

The webpage for the Pub Run San Antonio has simple tongue in cheek instructions and insights. “If you have questions don’t call or e-mail anybody and simply re-read this page” and “Rather than waiting in a never ending line at the DMV or at Wal-Mart checkout, you can wait in a never ending line to get alcohol." The first time you experience Pub Run San Antonio it feels a little surreal.  Am I really jogging through the streets of a large city in running clothes after I have just downed a Hurricane at Pat O'Briens?  Yep, I am and it feels great!  And you’ll find yourself giving friendly yells to your fellow pub runner participants as you pass each other in the streets “Pub Runners!”  You do, after all, share a common bond this one night every month.

Sounds silly? Yes.  Juvenile? A little.  Crazy? Definitely.  In a time where people might be stressed out about the issues of everyday life isn’t it fun to spend a night away from all that in the midst of an awesome city laughing with old friends and raising a glass with new friends?  Indeed! 
Everyone should experience Pub Run San Antonio at least once.  There is no other time quite like it!

Pub Run San Antonio Route

  1. Pat O’Briens
  2. Moses Rose’s Hideout
  3. The Ticket Sports Pub
  4. The Buckhorn Saloon
  5. Club Space
  6. Kremlin Dance Club
  7. Celebs Star Bar
  8. Leaping Lizard
  9. Davenport Lounge
  10. Head back to Pat O'Briens for the after party!
For more information and to see the different monthly themes click here!

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