Wednesday, October 16, 2013

San Antonio's Most Haunted Places

The Menger Hotel - San Antonio, TX
San Antonio regularly makes the list of most haunted cities in the United States and is definitely the most haunted city in Texas.  Read on about some of the haunted hot spots throughout the city…if you dare!

Menger Hotel Hallway
The Menger Hotel
Several ghost sightings have been reported at the historical Menger Hotel by both staff and guests.  The most spotted apparition is believed to be a chambermaid named Sallie White who was murdered by her husband in the 1870s.  People have reported seeing Sallie in her maid’s uniform carrying towels through the hallways of the hotel.  Another known spirit in the hotel is that of Captain Richard King, founder of King Ranch who died in the King Suite.  This is where his ghost is seen.  Also, the hotel elevator mysteriously stops by itself on the third floor where the room is located.  In addition, people have encountered ghosts sitting in the Menger Bar.

Gunter Hotel (Sheraton Hotel)
Another hotel known to be haunted is the Sheraton Hotel, once named the Gunter Hotel.  The original room 636 and the 6th floor in general have a lot of ghostly activity.  In the 1960s a gruesome murder took place in room 636 and since then mysterious voices and banging have been heard in and around this room.

Emily Morgan Hotel
Built in the 1920s, the Emily Morgan Hotel was originally used as a medical facility.  Floors 7, 9, 11 and 12 are known to have the most activity and at least one of those floors used to be the site of the psychiatric ward.  Guests have reported doors slamming by themselves, mysterious moving objects, and apparitions on these floors.  Also, since the hotel is located right next to the Alamo experts believe some paranormal energy was transmitted to the Emily Morgan as people have mentioned seeing apparitions from hotel windows.

St. Anthony Hotel
The St. Anthony Hotel has had reports of several ghost sightings including people seeing the spirits of a well-dressed couple riding in the elevator, apparitions of socialites in the ballroom and mysterious voices heard in the garden.

Victoria's Black Swan Inn
Now a wedding venue, Victoria’s Black Swan Inn has changed hands several times throughout the years and has a full history which understandably makes it one of the most haunted destinations in Texas.  Site of an American Indian encampment and the famous Battle of Salado Creek in 1842, Indian and soldier apparitions have been spotted in the woods on the property.  Some of the original owners died untimely deaths and their ghosts have been seen wandering the grounds and areas of the home.

San Pedro Springs Park
San Pedro Springs Park is the second oldest park in the United States and holds a vast history. Visitors to the park have reported hearing mysterious voices and drums which have been described as sounding like an American Indian ceremony.

The Alamo
This historical landmark is known to be one of the most haunted locations in the country.  Hundreds of men, defenders of the Alamo, were massacred and unceremoniously dumped into a mass grave in 1836.  These restless spirits have been spotted emerging from the Alamo walls.  Also voices and moans have been heard by visitors in various locations in and around the Alamo.

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